Experience Opportunity

Shakespeare Bronze Award

Whether you are new to performing Shakespeare or have years of experience, the RADA Shakespeare Awards offer a unique one-to-one learning experience. Our tutors give feedback in the room, to develop your skills and inspire your acting.

The Bronze Award is an exciting challenge to present a Shakespearean sonnet and speech or – in pairs – a scene chosen from the list we provide.

During a fun and creative session you will receive individual feedback, ideas to try and ways to develop your performance and understanding of the text.

To gain the Bronze Award requires an achievement of 30 marks out of 60 marks.

During the assessment:
- You perform a sonnet from section one for a RADA tutor.
- You then perform a speech. Pairs will present a scene.
- You will then be given some suggestions of things to try out to explore the text (you will need to have read or watched the play).
- You deliver your speech or scene again.

After the assessment:
You will receive your results and any feedback by post within one month.

Further details:
Normally on the first Saturday of each month. Please email for details regarding availability.
Assessment time: 15 minutes for individuals or 30 minutes for a pair
Designed for candidates 12+, however the assessment is suitable for adults of all ages. If you are aged under 14, you need to have obtained the Messenger Award.
You may choose any of the speeches, regardless of gender
You must act from memory to gain your Award (without reading a script)
The next level to gain after completing the Bronze Award is the Silver Award

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