Experience Opportunity

Shakespeare Platinum Award

Shakespeare Awards offer the opportunity to work one-to-one with a RADA tutor to present a speech, sonnet or scene from Shakespeare and get personal feedback to develop your skills and inspire your acting.

You need to have gained your Shakespeare Gold Award to apply for Platinum. Complete your Shakespeare Awards journey by 'pitching' a Shakespeare production, performing two contrasting speeches of your own choosing, and, with 15 minutes preparation time, reading a given speech.

In addition, you will be sent a link to an archive video recording of a Shakespeare play and asked to write your responses in a review of between 500 and 700 words.

To gain the Platinum Award, an achievement of 95 marks out of 160 marks is required.

During the assessment:
- 15 minutes before your assessment, you will be given a speech to read, which you will later work on with the assessor, as the sight reading element of your Award.
- You will deliver a 10 minute presentation outlining how you would stage a Shakespeare play of your own choosing.
- You should consider where the play is to be performed, and be prepared to give your design ideas for setting and costume. It may be useful to present any research material that you have collected.
- You and your RADA tutor will have a 10-minute discussion on your presentation.
- You will then present two widely differing Shakespeare speeches of your own choosing: these can be from plays or poems.
- Each speech should be around 15 to 20 lines.
- After each piece, you will work with the assessor on developing your delivery, before you perform the piece again.
- You present your speech for the sight reading element (you are not expected to have learned the speech).
- You will work with the assessor on developing your delivery, before you perform the piece again.

After the assessment:
- You will receive your results and any feedback by post within one month.

Normally on the first Saturday of each month. Please email for details regarding availability.
Assessment time: 60 minutes
Designed for candidates 15+, however the assessment is suitable for adults of all ages
You may choose any of the speeches, regardless of gender.
You must act from memory to gain your Award (without reading a script)

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