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Voice Over Skills with Voice Demo Reel

Our Voice Over training has been designed for those who wish to gain an understanding of the voice-over industry.

If you are fascinated by the world of voice-over and interested in making a living as a professional voice-over artist, our Voice Over Skills Course with Demo Reel is the perfect for you.

You’ll be provided with a valuable insight into the industry, receive helpful advice – from getting an agent to what to expect when you get a job - and gain some recording experience.

Over the duration of the voice course you will also have the opportunity to record a voice-over demo reel of two minute duration complete with music and sound design. Produced and edited to industry standard by an experienced audio engineer, this is a great opportunity for those wishing to gain access to the voiceover industry, and can be submitted to agents and voice casting professionals.

Exact course content may differ according to the course length and your needs but topics covered generally include:

The Industry: an overview of how the voice over industry operates including finding work, what voice-over work involves and how to find an agent
Voice reels: analyse a variety of professional voice reels to understand requirements and develop voice skills
Variety: work practically on a variety of scripts; discover quick strategies for exploring different vocal energies, pace and range
Script Analysis: assess the appropriate characterisation of any script quickly
Recording: record and analyse yourself performing different scripts within the group
Create your own Voice-Reel with contrasting pieces for casting and agents.
Warm-Up/Vocal Health: advice and guidance on how to warm-up your voice and keeping your voice healthy
You'll receive friendly feedback throughout the voice training.

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