Experience Opportunity

Voice Technique: Improvers

This course will support your extended vocal development with a focus on resonance, tonality and pitch. Open to those who have completed at least one voice course previously as well as professionals looking to refresh their skills. This course will be taught in the college.

What is the course about?
Further improving the strength, flexibility and expressive potential of your voice and speech; you will learn exercises you can adapt and apply at home.

What will we cover?
Release of tension; breath support, control and pressure; resonance; pitch development; articulation; and approaches to text.

What will I achieve?
By the end of this course you should be able to...
Demonstrate improvements in breath placement, capacity and support using more advanced breathing exercises.
Display enhanced vocal strength and tone through examination of resonance.
Apply enhanced pitch possibilities to heightened text.
Demonstrate greater clarity and expressiveness of articulation in delivery of heightened text.
Identify your own areas for continued vocal development and describe how that development could take place.

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