Funding Opportunity

Create: Funding the development and creation of high-quality arts experiences

“Create” funds the development and creation of high-quality arts experiences that help creative individuals and organisations engage with and connect to the public

“Create” is about providing opportunities for individuals and organisations to produce and present their best work. This can mean funding the production and presentation of work, the development of new ideas and / or supporting individual or organisations to develop through training or business growth and change

“Create” supports our priorities as set out in our corporate plan, “For the Benefit of All”. This programme area will help us to meet our priorities around equalities, diversity, the Welsh language, nurturing creative talent and supporting sector resilience

We can accept applications for funding of between £500 and £50,000 (£100,000 in exceptional circumstances for organisations including festivals by prior agreement with your Development Officer).

We’re able to accept applications of up to £10,000 at any time. Please bear in mind that you need to allow a minimum of 6 working weeks between the date you submitted your application and the start date for your project. For applications over £10,000, check our website for the deadlines.


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