Funding Opportunity

Do It Differently Fund

The Do It Differently Fund is designed to help independent, entrepreneurial music creators build their career by providing grants of £500 - £3,000 to fund professional development opportunities and creative projects at a crucial point in their career. HMUK can support opportunities relating to Recording & Releasing and Touring & Live Development including PR & marketing costs, time to create and access to creative spaces.

Following recent research into the support needs of musicians in the UK and a new approach to a holistic Creative and Health & Welfare Programme, HMUK have designed the Do it Differently Fund to:

- Enable creative independence for music creators

- Offer a holistic package of support with professional development

- Encourage new habits and good practices of sustainable wellbeing for recording and touring musicians

In addition to this, successful applicants will be able to access a suite of wellbeing and development services worth up to £2,000, including business development sessions, education around “healthy” touring practices, online CBT and wellbeing tools, specialist hearing assessment, bespoke hearing protection and short-term treatment of performance related conditions.

The fund is open to professional musicians of all genres and disciplines, with a focus on independent music creators who are controlling one or more aspects of their career (e.g. self-managing, self-releasing, self-producing). Applicants can be a solo artist, composer, group member, songwriter, producer or a multidisciplinary artist. Support is also offered for bands or ensembles of up to 6 members.

By music creator they mean: artist, singer, musician, composer, lyricists, songwriter, DJ, producer, beatboxer. Performers who are creating their own music or writing on commission for other artists, collectives, film and tv projects, etc.

To apply you must:

- Be aged over 18

- Be based primarily in the UK and be eligible to work here

- Have been a resident in the UK for at least 3 consecutive years

- Be in financial need and without significant backing (by this we mean not receiving significant financial backing from a record label, publisher or private investor)

- Be an independent music creator or group approaching a career tipping point

You must already have an active career and track record to apply to this fund and we want to support music creators who can clearly demonstrate the following:

- Exceptional ability within their discipline

- High quality musical output

- Regularly working (performances, commissions, releases) at a professional level (getting paid for their work)

- Achievement or the potential to achieve a national or international impact

- An entrepreneurial spirit and dedication towards their career i.e. an openness to record and tour in a sustainable and holistic way

- Control over one or more aspects of their career (e.g. self-managing, self-releasing or self-producing)

The difference this grant funding will make to their career as an independent music creator. This could be by including evidence of new audiences around the release of new music, for example.

If applying as a group:

- All group members should be based primarily in the UK and eligible to work here

- At least 50% of your members must meet the criteria listed above

- You must have been established and playing together regularly for at least 1 year

- The group should be made up of no more than 6 members

Through the Do It Differently Fund we can offer grants towards developmental activity under the following:

- Recording & Releasing

- Recording costs (studio hire, engineering, mixing, mastering)

- Session musician fees

- PR & Marketing (including social media campaigns and radio plugging)

- Content creation (video, audio, promotional photography, artwork and design etc)

- Manufacture and distribution

- Merchandise (design and production)

- Access to creative spaces (rehearsal and writing rooms)

- Time to create

- Costs of musical equipment, production and composition software/hardware

- Touring & Live Development

- Touring expenses (accommodation, transport and fuel costs, venue hire, ticketing)

- Session musician and crew fees

- PR and Marketing (including social media campaigns)

- Content creation (video, audio, promotional photography, artwork and design etc)

- Merchandise (design and production)

- Session musician fees

- Access to creative spaces (rehearsal and writing rooms)

- Time to create

- Costs of musical equipment and performance related technology