Funding Opportunity

MOBO Help Musicians Fund

The fund has been created in partnership to support the career ambitions of exceptionally talented artists and groups with grants of up to £2,000. Further funding of up to £3,000 is available for larger groups of musicians.

From vocal coaching to touring, the MOBO Help Musicians Fund can be used to support opportunities which will have a significant impact on your creativity and career.

You can be a solo artist, producer, songwriter or group working within any genre but we would like to encourage applications from the following genres; R&B, Afrobeat, Soul, Hip Hop, Grime, Jazz, Gospel, Garage, Reggae and African music.

To be eligible for the MOBO Help Musicians Fund you must be:

- Aged 18 or over

- Based primarily in the UK and eligible to work here

- A resident in the UK for at least the last 3 consecutive years

- In financial need and without significant backing from labels, music publishing companies or management

- A track record of regularly performing, writing and releasing music for at least 12 months

Group applications

If your group would like to apply:

- At least half of the group members must meet the criteria as above

- You must also have been established and playing together regularly for at least 12 months

- Organisations are not eligible for funding

- Groups of up to 4 members can apply for up to £2,000

- Groups of 5 or more people or those wanting to work with a larger ensemble can apply for up to £3,000

The Help Musicians Fund want to invest in artists who are performing or creating great music and show potential to build a long-term professional career.