Funding Opportunity

Roundhouse Financial Support

The Roundhouse is a place for everyone, and we don’t want money to hold anyone back from getting involved.

So if there’s anything that could stop you from attending projects or events that could be helped by financial support – including help with project costs, transport and childcare – then let us know: we are here to help with bursaries designed to support you in taking the next step in developing your creative skills.

Bursaries can be used for all sorts of things, such as:
- Roundhouse project fees
- Emerging Artist Membership (EAM) Fees
- Hire fees for rehearsal spaces and studio facilities, as part of your EAM
- Transport expenses within London (for travel to and from the Roundhouse only)
- Materials required for a Roundhouse project
- Childcare
- 1:1 support worker, carer or interpreter

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