Funding Opportunity

Transmission Fund

Musicians at any point in their career can really benefit from learning new skills, taking time to hone their craft or working with peers and mentors to grow and develop as creators.

This strand of support can provide up to £1,500 to help you take advantage of opportunities that enhance your skills or artistic practice, available whenever you need it. This could be a virtual conference to learn more about the industry, an online course to enhance your skills, one-to-one coaching or an online masterclass with an expert, or perhaps some time to work with a mentor.

This support is specific to your career needs, so you can specify opportunities relevant to your own circumstances and ambitions. - whatever you need to feel confident in making your next move.


Is this for me?
Applications are open to professional UK musicians aged 18+ of any genre or discipline. As an individual you may be an instrumentalist, composer, producer, conductor, vocalist or singer-songwriter etc. Bands or ensembles consisting of six members or fewer are also eligible.

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