Training Opportunity

Actor-Musician BA (Hons)

Our BA (Hons) Actor-Musician course is run by Guildford School of Acting (GSA), one of the most highly regarded theatre schools in the UK. You’ll be taught by industry-leading professionals, and join a vibrant community of talented individuals.

We’ll develop your combined talents as an actor and a musician, including the versatility to work professionally as an actor or actor-musician in a wide range of theatrical contexts.

On our BA (Hons) Actor-Musician course, you’ll develop performance skills in acting, musicianship, dance, voice and singing, alongside essential critical and analytical work.

In your first year, you’ll strengthen core skills in acting, dance, singing, voice and music. With classes in all disciplines and project work on storytelling, ensemble work, modern text, screen acting and musical theatre.

In your second year, you’ll work on diverse texts, ranging from classical theatre to musical theatre, with musicianship skills integrated within all your studies. Voice, singing, music and dance skill classes continue and broaden the technical base of your training.

In your third year, you’ll work on three main projects: a play, a musical and a classical piece, alongside a showcase of your work, connecting you with casting directors and agents across the creative industries.

By developing your skills as an actor-musician, you’ll be able to take advantage of the ever-growing demand for versatile professional performers who can combine superb acting ability with a high standard of musicianship. Recent graduates have worked across a range of media including exciting projects with HBO, Netflix and also have worked in a wide range of theatre from Shakespeare through to musical theatre.

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