Training Opportunity

BA Hons Acting

Much of your work on the programme will be devoted to vocal and physical training, to the exploration of a range of techniques for creating and developing character and to working responsively within the space.

The modern actor is not a puppet who regurgitates words and movements for an audience, but a creative artist who uses their inner resources to create truthful fictions and constantly seeks new ways to communicate. Part of the programme will teach you to be original and individual in your work, to reinvent old techniques and to develop new ones.

​Italia Conti's BA (Hons) Acting Programme does not seek to mould actors to any one method or system of Acting, rather, it makes available to its students a wide range of ideas and training methods, so that each student can construct a personal ‘tool box’ of methods of working.

The programme aims to produce versatile performers who can work in as wide a range of styles and media as possible.

The programme has clear theories about training and performance and upholds philosophies about the role of Theatre in society which permeates the teaching.

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