Training Opportunity

BA (Hons) Acting (Musical Theatre)

At Italia Conti, we believe in providing a well-rounded training that helps students develop their skills as actors. Much of our course is devoted to vocal and physical training, as well as exploring a range of techniques for creating and developing character. Our focus is on helping students work responsively within the space.

This unique course is co-taught by our fantastic BA Hons Acting and BA Hons Musical Theatre specialist teams; an exciting combination that is not found in other drama schools.

As part of the BA (Hons) Acting (Musical Theatre) course, we encourage students to be truthful to the purpose of the work, to celebrate and utilise themselves as individuals in the work, and to continue learning and experimenting with new techniques and creative ideas through the work. We offer a wide range of ideas and training methods, so that each student can construct a personal “tool box” of techniques that work best for them. Our goal is to produce versatile performers who can thrive across a variety of styles and media.

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