Training Opportunity

BA (Hons) Digital Design & Production

The BA (Hons) Digital Design & Production offers specialist training in the rapidly expanding field of projection and video-based art forms, such as animation and motion-graphics, lighting and design.

This programme is aimed at anyone interested in pursuing their passion for video design and production through to a career in the creative industries and live events sector.
The programme adapts to the developments in industry and technology, using state-of-the-art equipment and facilities in line with the latest industry developments.
The teaching is practical and project-based, and you will work on a range of projects with professional designers, programmers and animators, such as gallery installations, architectural mapping displays, collaborative theatre projects, projection work for Guildhall productions and VJing at festivals and club nights.

This programme will engage the creative and technical skills of designers, technicians, operators and programmers in the creation and delivery of video in live performance contexts, and aims to:
● Provide the opportunity for students to develop their own artistic vision and creative workflow
● Develop appropriate technical skills in relation to video as part of a live performance
● Provide students with experiences and opportunities that provide insight into the working practices of modern, high-profile partners
● Develop students’ confidence, independence and self-reliance necessary for a career in a rapidly evolving digital industry

You will also be taught a range of technical skills, including:
● Software such as Adobe creative cloud, D3, Resolume, Notch, Mapping Matter, Cinema 4D, Touch Designer, Q Lab
● Technical management eg. equipment (projectors, media servers, rigging, cabling, IT etc.)

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