Training Opportunity

BA (Hons) in Professional Dance & Musical Theatre

The 3 year Professional Dance & Musical Theatre Degree is a rigorous programme of vocational training for aspiring professional performers. This outstanding programme of study trains performers to a professional, audition-ready level through the delivery of a detailed technical training in Dance and Musical Theatre disciplines.

After gaining a strong grounding in all Dance and Musical Theatre skills in year 1, students have the opportunity to focus the final 2 years of their training to develop the specific skills required for their desired employment. Throughout the course the rigour and complexity of training increases so that graduates develop the skills, knowledge and expertise necessary for a long and successful performing career, as well as the security of gaining a full BA (Hons) degree qualification to pave the way for life after a performing career.

- Practical skills developed extensively in a variety of different dance genres

- Singing and Acting techniques developed through group and individual practice

- Extensive performance opportunities to showcase students' learning

- Academic studies to support and develop understanding of contextual and critical studies

- Facilitates understanding of historical and cultural developments in Dance and Musical Theatre

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