Training Opportunity

BA (Hons)/M-ARTS Creative Technologies & Performance

This course was previously titled BA/MArts Creative Technologies & Performance. Through this course, we want to facilitate innovative storytellers, filmmakers, creatives and technicians, who use new audio visual technologies to deliver exceptional content for film, tv, theatre, concert, and online audiences.
There are three pathways on this course:
- Film and TV Production
- Story, Script and Development
- Emerging Technology and Digital Performance
In your first year, you study all of the pathways and then from your second year you specialise (selecting a major and a minor from the pathways) to build the right set of multiple skills and knowledge to achieve a sustainable career. You can collaborate with other students (performers and those who make performance possible) to produce a portfolio of quality outputs, whether that’s films, animations, live or recorded performances or scripts. Your studies are underpinned by essential professional skills such as project management, financial planning and team work. You can either undertake this programme as a three-year BA or as a four-year integrated Masters.

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