Training Opportunity

BA (Hons) Popular Music: Production and Performance

In Year 1 you will learn the basic skills in performance, songwriting and production of recorded and live music. Working independently and collaboratively, you will be introduced to the ethical considerations involved in the music industry as well as the theoretical underpinning. Modules include Recording Studio Practice and Performance that are delivered over two semesters, as well as Digital Music and Artist Development1: Songwriting.

Year 2 will build on your knowledge of production and performance; it will give you an awareness of the relationship between the practical theoretical understandings of the industry as well as its diversity. You will have the opportunity to develop the skills and experience of working within production teams and as artists, collaborating on live projects. You will study advanced techniques in Performance 2, as well as modules like Artist Development 2, Popular Music Culture and Creative Music Production.

By Year 3 you will be studying advanced skills in a range of professional music production and performance techniques. Teaching is designed to prepare you for employment in the music and creative industries whilst encouraging a strong sense of autonomy.

The programme builds on the University’s values, encouraging you to embrace individuality, and staff will support professional and creative development at all stages.

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