Training Opportunity

Bachelor (BA) in Acting

At The Lir Academy we believe that students learn best by doing. This three-year, full-time, intensive honours degree in acting will provide each student with all the training necessary to become a professional actor through a series of skills based courses. Acting technique, voice, movement, and singing form the core subjects taught and practiced whilst classes in Dramaturgy and Text Analysis complement this learning.

In order to emulate best practice the course is taught over nine semesters (three per annum) and over three years. Given the practical nature of the course, and the principal objective of training the actor’s body as an instrument as well as the creative imagination, the intensity of the training for actors means that a student can expect to be in class for approximately 35 hours per week and 36 weeks per annum. Additional commitment during production modules will also be required.

The Bachelor in Acting at The Lir is not part of the CAO/UCAS point’s race. Students are expected to have achieved the minimum matriculation requirements for Trinity College Dublin courses, however, exceptions may be made based on the demonstration of exceptional natural talent at auditions.

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