Training Opportunity

BSc (Hons) Acoustics and Music Technology

This exciting new programme brings together the core scientific and creative subjects that underpin the field of Acoustics and Music Technology. Physics, computer programming, and audio signal processing are taken alongside studies in the creative use of sound, hosted within a dynamic, multi-disciplinary music department. The programme is unique in combining study in both the Sciences and the Arts within an integrated single Honours degree programme that will equip you to invent the future of acoustics, audio, and music technology. If you have interests in both science and engineering, and music, then this programme is for you.

Acoustics and Music Technology are driving a revolution in the way that sound is created, manipulated, transmitted, and replayed. They enable an expanding range of creative applications, from music production to the design of concert halls, from the emerging field of immersive virtual reality to new modalities of musical expression. Continued growth in computer power, in particular, is allowing for remarkable innovation, from next generation methods for sound synthesis, to a transformation in the way we design and experience the built environment, to the emergence of wholly new forms of media.

Such a fast-moving field demands graduates with both deep technical knowledge, and creative mind-sets, able to work across a range of disciplines. The programme emphasises excellence in the core subjects of physics, computer programming, and audio signal processing and combines them with contemporary studies in sound recording, architectural acoustics, creative music technology, sound design, and a range of further options in music and beyond.

You may follow one of two distinct pathways through the programme, in Physical Acoustics, or Computer Music Systems, or you may combine aspects of both pathways to tailor the programme to your specific interests.

The primary objectives of the programme are to provide students with solid skills in science and mathematics, experience in the creative applications of sound and music technology, and industrially-relevant understanding of how these interconnected subjects are shaping the role of sound and music in human society. The diverse and challenging nature of the programme will equip you to work at the fast moving interface between the latest scientific research and the newest forms of musical expression.

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