Training Opportunity

CertHE Introduction to Acting

Certificate of Higher Education, Introduction to Acting, at Italia Conti will enable you to experience the rigours of vocational training and enable you to make informed choices about your future.

​You will train in the professional and disciplined environment of a leading drama conservatoire and profit from the knowledge and experience of Italia Conti’s teaching faculty.

​Individual sessions working on interview technique and monologue preparation will help to maximise your chances of success in future auditions. You will be encouraged to develop a self-reliance and independent working process on a programme that emphasises the importance of respect within the rehearsal room, generosity and a shared passion. Above all, Italia Conti aims to generate a secure and nurturing training environment that will allow you to be creatively fearless.

​A series of organised theatre visits and excursions will develop your awareness and appreciation of current theatre practice. You will learn how to critically evaluate contemporary performance and to express your ideas with clarity and confidence, thereby improving your self-promotional skills.

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