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Costume Production BA (Hons)

Costume Production BA (Hons)
Reasons to study Costume Production
• The Costume Production programme will provide you with the understanding and skills needed to pursue a successful career in the production and management of historical and contemporary costumes and accessories either based in-house or as a freelancer.
• Learn about period and contemporary costume construction, pattern-cutting, running wardrobe and dressing, specialist skills in corsetry, dancewear, fabric breaking down, millinery and wig dressing.
• Work on live performances within the College, in London and beyond. As a vital member of the collaborative team, you will work with designers, directors and performers.
• Work on a module for Film and TV to understand the costume department’s role within this ever growing industry.
• Develop the skills to supervise and manage wardrobe departments in large and small theatres including budgets and time management.
• Share classes and projects with students from other programmes to learn about the performance, arts and events industries and how to use experimentation, enquiry and creative research in your work, and prepare to build a successful career.

Career opportunities
Our graduates have gone on to work as costume makers and supervisors in wardrobe departments, for theatre, opera companies, circus, film and cruise liners companies.

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“I’d recommend Costume Production as it’s a really unique course. It’s very realistic as to how the actual industry works.” Rachel Woolcott, Buyer & General Assistant, Royal Opera House

Location: Sidcup

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