Training Opportunity

Diploma Course

The three year D&B Diploma in Musical Theatre is the perfect start for professional performers, providing a strong grounding in practical technique and performance skills. We boast an incredible number of contact teaching hours and students can expect to have at least 33hours per week of in-person tuition from our incredible faculty.

Accredited by the Council for Dance, Drama and Musical Theatre (CDMT), our three year course is balanced equally between singing, dancing and acting. Our goal is to develop our students to be triple threats, equally as confident to tackle lead roles in TV, Film and Theatre and finding their passion on stage, on set or in the studio.

The course is entirely practical with no academic pre-requisites. Students are all expected to take an external examination with either the London College of Music or the UDO in order to qualify as teachers of Acting, Singing or Street Dance before they graduate.

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