Training Opportunity

Diploma in Creative Producing

Applications are open for the fourth cohort of Diploma in Creative Producing (DipCP). The 16-week course will begin on the 20th February 2023 and run until 9th June 2023.

The CGO Institute DipCP programme is for aspiring creative producers of theatre and live performance. The course is cloud-based and designed for up to 12 practitioners who will work together and learn from a range of established UK and International arts professionals.

- The DipCP is open to creative producers working in all performing arts including: opera, live music, dance, circus, live art, musical theatre, and festivals.
- Many producers work across a portfolio of projects which may also encompass visual arts, publishing, and film. The course will not focus on these areas, but the skills taught will be transferable.
- The course is cloud-based, meaning it is run online via Zoom. This allows participants to participate from their own homes/work bases. Our hope is that participants will also meet ‘on the ground’ where possible.
- The course will be led by Chris Grady. Sessions, workshops and Q&As will be delivered by our Faculty, who all share a similar passion and vision for the role of the Creative Producer.
- The CGO Institute will help each participant find a mentor and local network. We support our students to build a creative network in their local area and specialism(s).

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