Training Opportunity

Drama Education and English Language Teaching (MA)

Combining recent developments in drama education and TESOL innovation and methodology
This unique MA programme combines expertise from education studies and applied linguistics in order to develop students’ theoretical understanding and practical skills in the interdisciplinary field of drama education and English Language Teaching and Learning. With a variety of hybrid pedagogic approaches that can be applied to a range of educational and community contexts, you will benefit from expertise from two social sciences departments.

This unique MA programme offers students an in-depth insight into the ways drama and theatre education can enhance teaching and learning in primary, secondary and tertiary education, specifically in the field of English Language Teaching and Learning (TESOL). We introduce you to a range of hybrid pedagogic strategies that are underpinned by rigor and that aspire to make language learning accessible, playful, creative and engaging. You will engage with cutting-edge theory and practice-led research related to the ways drama and theatre can be used as pedagogical tools. This MA is aimed at practitioners working in schools and colleges, and community and educational theatre settings and will be of interest to those working in the area of TESOL.

The course of study provides a planned and structured programme, which is sufficiently flexible to respond to the needs of a wide range of pedagogic and cultural contexts. Practical activities are at the heart of our course structure, so there will be a number of opportunities to work with your peers, collaborating, debating, and researching practical solutions. Your interdisciplinary skill set will be developed throughout the MA, enabling you to pursue a diverse array of career pathways. Many of our alumni have gone go on to:

- Study teacher training courses to become teachers of drama/theatre and/or English language;
- Enhance their profile as classroom drama/theatre and English teachers, many securing promotion;
- Successfully complete Doctoral study, becoming academics in the field of drama and theatre education;
- Work as theatre education and outreach officers for leading arts organisations;
- Develop their portfolio as freelance practitioners/facilitators in the field of drama and theatre in education.

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