Training Opportunity

Foundation Course

The Laine Theatre Arts Foundation Diploma in Dance and Musical Theatre is an intensive 28 week vocational training course. It is designed for students of 16+ years who may lack either the level of knowledge or experience required to become strong contenders for a place on their chosen performing arts diploma or degree course and/or the accompanying personal, psychological strengths. The focus is to build a sturdy base of technical skill in dance, singing and acting whilst developing a strong work ethic and allowing self-confidence to grow as a result of increased knowledge and understanding.

The Foundation Course is also the beginning of a longer journey – the exploration of a student’s own unique sense of individuality.

Throughout the course, students will study a full timetable of traditional and commercial jazz, classical ballet, contemporary, acting, singing technique and audition/interview preparation. Students are nurtured through the college application/audition process and are offered career advice in personalised 1-1 tutorial sessions throughout the course, guiding them towards the next stage in their development and/or training. Most of our past students would agree that the Foundation Course is intense, both mentally and physically, but that the resulting sense of achievement and progression is highly rewarding. They have often been noted for the professionalism of their approach when they move on to further training courses and we are very proud that a many ex-students describe their time on the Foundation Course as ‘the best year of my life so far’.

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