Training Opportunity

Foundation Course (One Year)

Cygnet Training Theatre has a 40-year history of training actors. Its training takes a learn-while-doing approach, giving live performances to paying audiences from term one. Our students learn how to work as an ensemble, with the opportunity to work with multiple directors and visiting industry professionals. While our school ethos is grounded in the work of our late patron, Peter Brook, the training covers an eclectic mix of acting methods and is also able to accommodate for flexibility if the students show aptitude in other areas such as music and dance. Our courses balance classwork with rehearsal. Tutorials and group classes cover acting, voice, singing, movement, text, film, radio, and stage combat. Cygnet offers an unprecedented amount of one-to-one tuition that the larger schools are unable to offer, as well as the opportunity to study in a beautiful city.

Foundation students will have a solid grounding in acting technique as well as the chance to ‘test drive’ some other aspects of the industry such as stage management to consider how they would like to move forward with their career. Students are expected to take the ATCL Diploma (Trinity) with the option to move on to the LTCL if they continue with us. We offer support for auditions with other training providers as well as the possibility to continue training at Cygnet. Continuation of studies will be reassessed at the end of each year.

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