Training Opportunity

HNC Sound Production

If you want to learn the secrets of good audio production and how to work as a freelance engineer/remixer/post production engineer, this course will provide you with the skills and knowledge you need.

This course offers you the chance to develop your skills with state-of-the art live sound and studio equipment used in the industry today.

As one of the few Certified Training Locations for Avid in the UK, you'll have access to the latest versions of software and plugins for music and audio production. Students will also have the opportunity to undertake Certified Pro Tools courses. (Please ask us for more information on this.)

Here's more on what you'll be doing:

- You'll look at sound production theory and the common equipment/techniques in audio recording and reproduction, such as microphones, stereo audio imaging and audio signal processing.
- You'll develop skills in audio engineering for multi-track recordings.
- You'll discover the art and science of mixing multi-track recordings.
- You'll explore acoustics, and learn about the nature of sound, how we as humans hear sound and how sound behaves in enclosed spaces.
- You'll develop skills in sound reinforcement equipment for different types of live events, such as music, vocal, audio-visual.
- You'll learn about digital audio workstations, and how to record and manipulate audio and MIDI signals for sound production.
Finally, you'll look at the creative industries as a whole, including the main commercial organisations, and sources of support, advice and funding.
You'll also have the opportunity to:

- Work within our own record label, Sun Turtle Records, and help artists record and release original music.
- Work within our PR and Events company High Tide PR, and help manage two artists signed every year.
- Practise your skills through free access to the studio during the day when it's not in use.


For entry to this course you'll need:

- A real interest in the music industry or theatre production
- A minimum of 1 Higher, preferably Music Technology/Music, plus Core Skills at Level 6 OR a relevant NC/NPA course at SCQF Level 6 or equivalent such as NC Sound Production – Recording
- An interview with us
If you don't have formal qualifications, but have relevant experience or training, then we'll also consider you for a place, so please call us for a chat.

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