Training Opportunity

HND Music

This course will prepare you extremely well for accessing a BEd in Music (Teacher) course or for starting your career in the music industry, either in professional recording or as a session/touring musician. It will push you creatively and prepare you professionally to get you fully ready for the next stage in your musical journey.

You’ll spend one day a week rehearsing at the Berkeley 2 Studios in Glasgow ( and will perform regularly including

- Live gigs in the college theatre, and local pubs and clubs around Ayrshire
- Outdoor gigs, such as Jam at the Dam in Ayr
Here’s some of what you’ll be doing:

- You’ll continue to improve your live performance skills, developing a high level of proficiency and professionalism
- You’ll extend your skills in songwriting, moving onto more advanced elements
- You’ll develop your composition skills, broadening your technique and learning about composing for the visual arts such as film, games or theatre
- You’ll extend your knowledge of recording techniques, looking at multi-track recording
- You’ll extend your skills in music theory
- You’ll experience what it’s like to be a session musician, including creating musical parts while working under pressure
- You’ll look at the impact of digital technology on the music industry and how it affects production, distribution, marketing and consumption
You’ll have the opportunity to:

- Take part in regular masterclasses with professional musicians
- Pitch to record and release your own material via our record label Sun Turtle Records
- Take part in community based projects such as Tam Fest and OCMBA (Organised Community Based Musical Activity) such as working with school pupils or older people
- Volunteer at local schools, such as running guitar workshops
- Go busking!

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