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Introduction to Sound Production

If you’re interested in the creative industries and in particular sound production, this course is a great place to start.

This is an exciting and hugely popular course aimed at creative types who like a bit of tech. Incorporating an NPA qualification, it will give you basic skills in sound production and a great foundation for further study.

You’ll learn using world class equipment and the latest industry software, including Pro Tools, Ableton and MIDI (Musical Instrument Digital Interface) sequencing. Your assessments will be based on real-life products in post and music production, in a variety of genres.

The main focus of the course is on sound design, and sound engineering and production.

- You’ll look at sound design in visual media and will develop skills in collecting and using sound elements for a visual media sequence, such as one used for a computer game, animation or multi-media presentation.
- You’ll develop practical and creative sound engineering and production skills in using multi-track recording equipment to record and mix different sources of audio.
- You’ll also look at the different sectors within the creative industries and the range of jobs available. We’ll help you develop your own skills for employment too.
- You’ll build transferable Essential Skills in meaningful contexts to help you become more effective in life, learning, and work. This could be communication, numeracy, ICT, working with others, and problem solving.

Almost all students as part of their bursary funding, will receive a production bundle of equipment including microphones, digital recorders and high end headphones when they join and succeed in this course.


For entry to this course you’ll need:

- A real interest in the creative industries, especially music or theatre production
- Three National 4s or equivalent OR a relevant NC course at SCQF Level 4 or equivalent
- An interview with us
If you don’t have formal qualifications, but have life experience, then we’ll also consider you for a place, so please call us for a chat.

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