Training Opportunity

MA/MFA Teaching and Coaching Actors’ Movement

Italia Conti’s new MA/MFA, Teaching and Coaching Actors’ Movement, is either a one-year full time or two-year part time course leading to a qualification that will equip each student to teach movement to actors across all areas of actor training and to work as a movement coach in the industry.

The course distinguishes between the roles of teaching and coaching: teaching focusses on developing the student actor as they learn to negotiate their body in space, through character exploration in rehearsal then guiding them into performance; coaching focusses on understanding the needs of the industry and learning to work within the different mediums of film, TV and theatre.

The course will turn actors into teachers capable of transforming performance art students into performers for whom movement is integral to their creative process. By the end of the course trainee teachers will be able to teach students how to open their body and broaden their craft into the unchartered territory of new work.

This MA/MFA offers opportunities to explore teaching and coaching in real situations, learning from already established practitioners in their struggles and inspirations, and through their daily interactions with students and actors.

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