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MA Performance: Politics and Social Justice

MA Performance: Politics and Social Justice at Wimbledon College of Arts explores contemporary theatre and performance as practices of cultural critique, social protest and political intervention.

MA Performance: Politics and Social Justice focuses on cultural politics and critical aesthetics in contemporary performance. The course emphasises socially and politically engaged practices and methods of enquiry and encourages creative outcomes that tackle social justice issues.

Your approach to performance, politics, and social justice should be a practical one. A studio-based learning environment will enable you to focus on making performance.

The course wants you to:

- think critically about the cultural politics of your performance-making
- place your work in the context of global and local political challenges
- look at how your work addresses social, racial and climate justice
- re-imagine the possibilities of theatre and performance.
Wimbledon aims to provide fertile ground for the formation of new socially and politically engaged performance practices and collectives. The course will encourage you to become a confident artist, activist, and researcher.

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