Training Opportunity

MA Theatre Lab

Exploring techniques applicable to both interpretative and original work, the MA Theatre Lab expands your ability to work collaboratively and independently in various contexts. Working rigorously with expert practitioners, you will experiment with a range of practices empowering you to play a revitalising role in today’s theatre-making landscape.

The MA Theatre Lab is a four-term course, running from January to January each year. The course is ideally for applicants who already have strong experience in performance, extending existing training with rigorous experimentation. Instead of replicating RADA's three-year training in one year, it aims to build on applicants’ experience, giving them the tools to further both their independence and their ability to collaborate in the creative process.

Each term, learning and assessment will be focused on practical exploration, followed by written assignments reflecting on your experience.

In your third term, you will work over the summer as an ensemble (in one group or more where appropriate) alongside a professional director to create a full-length piece of work for public performance. The rehearsal process, performance and accompanying reflective document will together constitute your MA dissertation project.

Whilst continuing your training and study in a fourth term, you will make small-scale, original performances as a part of the Development of Performance module (either in companies or as solo makers) for an end of year Lab Festival. Supervised and mentored by members of staff and people from the industry, you’ll be able to develop these pieces through research and development ‘sharings’ in the autumn, as a part of the New Wave section of the Bloomsbury Festival.

Throughout the year there will be further opportunities to share your work and receive extensive feedback from staff and visiting professionals.

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