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Marketing BA (Hons)

Marketing is about so much more than advertising. Through this broad degree you'll understand what makes a brand, you'll develop a new product, learn how to understand consumer psychology and improve your ability to make a sale.

Marketing is a key part of every business and this degree looks closely at how marketing works with other specialisms such as finance, operations and public relations. When you finish this degree you'll have a deep understanding of how marketing interacts with all the working parts of a business and you'll be able to apply your skills as a marketing specialist in any sector that interests you.

Course highlights:
- Explore all the key concepts of marketing, sales, digital marketing, brand and advertising and then focus on the areas that really interest you as the course progresses
- Apply your learning in a 1-year paid work placement, or through working with a real client in our marketing consultancy module
- Get additional certifications in tools, software and specific skills like SEO, Google Ads and Google Analytics as part of your degree
- Learn to interpret data to inform your decisions and present that data to a variety of different audiences
- Benefit from expert industry speakers, from companies such as O2, TK Maxx and Gartner
- Learn from teaching staff who have worked in the industry and are actively researching the rapidly changing world of marketing

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