Training Opportunity

Music Production BA (Hons)

Master the art of Music Production through the exploration of music technology (recording and live), composition, history and theory.

Our Music Production course aims to give you a wide range of practical and transferable skills. You will learn how to become a versatile, intelligent and employable producer, as well having the opportunity to engage with other music-industry-related areas such as songwriting and composition.

Why study this course with us?
Being delivered from within the Department of Music, Media and Performance allows students to work with and alongside music students, as part of a close-knit, thriving, co-operative and creative music community. Chester has a strong local music scene with close ties to the Department, and Chester is close to several big cities, including Liverpool, home to one of the biggest and best UK recording studios outside London and the birthplace of the world’s greatest pop group.

Alongside recording, production and the study of popular music, students have the opportunity to focus on live music technology, music theory and songwriting and composition.

Benefit from professional standard music rehearsal and recording facilities, skilled technical staff, as well as an extensive equipment loan provision.

We pride ourselves on the quality of support we offer, and have a range of support packages to help support students during their time at University.

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