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Music: Production, Performance and Enterprise BA

Our Music Production, Performance and Business BA prepares you for a dynamic career across all facets of the music industry. This course not only covers the essential areas of music production, performance, and business, but also emphasises the importance of collaboration within these fields.

At the heart of our curriculum are authentic group projects that mirror real-world music industry practices. These collaborative projects provide you with hands-on experience, allowing you to assume specific roles within a team and enhance your skills in teamwork, negotiation, and creative synergy. Such experiences are vital in today’s industry.

Whether you aim to be a music artist, producer, performer, songwriter, composer, musicologist, journalist, DJ, technologist, entrepreneur, business specialist, or educator, this course nurtures your aspirations through a blend of practical experience and academic study. Reflective practice and contextual studies are integrated into the course, positioning our graduates as pioneers and thought leaders in the ever-evolving music industry.

Our strong industry connections within London's vibrant music scene enable us to offer guest lectures from top professionals and maximise networking opportunities. These connections are further enriched through interdisciplinary collaborations with peers from film, TV, radio, fashion, and media studies.

Located at the Harrow Campus, the course facilitates a unique collaborative environment not just among music students but also across various creative disciplines. This interdisciplinary approach provides a broad spectrum of opportunities, preparing our graduates for diverse careers in the creative industries and ensuring they have the skills and contacts necessary to expand their professional network and enhance their creative potential.

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