Training Opportunity

NPA Acting and Performing (Level 6)

What is the course about?
You will spend most of your time on this course preparing for and working towards a performance in front of a live audience. This means working creatively with text and developing skills in voice, movement, acting and stagecraft.

You will learn to work cooperatively in teams, to respond to direction and, in so doing, also develop self-awareness and a professional attitude.


This is a course for school pupils only

This course offers different things to different people. It is the course for you if you are either already involved in youth theatre or always wanted the opportunity to perform.

It is the course for you if you are interested in a career in the performing arts and want to get started on the progression pathway.

It is also the course for you if you are keen to build your confidence and communication skills to prepare you for your next steps after leaving school.

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