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Performing Arts BA (Hons)

Explore your creativity as you develop skills in dance, drama and technology.

This course invites you to explore performance from a variety of angles, encompassing dance, drama and interactive performance – not just as separate subjects, but allowing you to work at the intersection between them. As well as developing into a well-rounded, multidisciplinary performer, as you progress, you will be able to pursue and define your own area of specialism.

The Performing Arts course at Chester is taught by a knowledgeable group of staff who come from a wide variety of performance backgrounds, which will enable you to draw from a wide variety of skillsets and knowledge bases in order to help craft your own niche in this field.

While the course will focus on live performance in dance and drama, you will also learn about interactivity and the use of technology in performance, using the latest software and hardware.

In the 2020 NSS, Performing Arts as a subject grouping scored above the sector average for teaching on my course, assessment and feedback, academic support, learning resources and overall satisfaction.

As a student studying Performing Arts you'll benefit from excellent links with the professional industry, both nationally and internationally

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