Study Vocals at the Academy of Music and Sound and increase your expressive powers, technique and musicianship through 1-1 tutorials and small group settings taught by a professional vocalist who is still current and working in the music industry.

A Level Drama and Theatre will give you analytical and performance skills, exploring a wide range of text sand the work of established practitioners, whilst considering how the history of theatre has shaped contemporary styles and form. You will take part in a variety of assessments and develop a wide range of skills in both performance and academic analysis, with theatre trips to support your study and immerse you in the industry.

Topics covered can include:

- Devised theatre
- Text in performance
- Theatre makers in practice
You will study and perform up to six different texts from a variety of time periods, styles and sources as well as learn how production values and design elements are used to communicate to an audience.

Location: Sixth Form College, Angel

You will be introduced to theoretical knowledge and essential practical skills needed for a career as a theatre director.
Through practical workshops, working with other short course students (e.g. Acting - Working with Text and/or Acting - Shakespeare), group sharing and critiquing you will explore:
• how the actor’s process works
• ways to realise text in performance
• critical analysis of the work of other directors
• developing, planning and delivering your own directing exercise.

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