Industry Spotlight - Bryony's Story - Aylesbury

This Industry Spotlight features Bryony, an Actor, Model and Disability & Mental Health Advocate from Aylesbury.

Work In Theatre is a nationwide programme in partnership with ATG Creative Learning, spotlighting theatre careers. These films highlight those just starting out in the industry, based in 15 locations across the UK.

Work In Theatre is supported by the National Lottery through Arts Council England.

Featuring: Bryony Moss - Insta: defeatingdisability

Videographer: Laura McG Photography

"I loved being part of this project and being part of something that helps other young creatives in my area think about coming into the creative industry. I really loved how the project focused on people working in the industry in a shorter amount of time, as it shows young people that it is possible, and what may seem like small steps, can really elevate your career in the industry.

I enjoyed collaborating with other industry professionals to make the short film. Because that’s what the arts is all about; working together and making connections with other industry professionals in not only your chosen field, but other roles around it. 

I loved being able to use the Aylesbury Waterside Theatre as my location for the film as I feel it really illustrated my journey perfectly; starting my career on stage doing theatre shows with my local performing arts school!"

Bryony Moss
Actor, Model and Disability & Mental Health Advocate

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