What does an Actor Musician do?

An Actor Musician is a Performer who combines performance with playing a musical instrument. 

What are the main responsibilities of an Actor Musician?

The responsibilities of an Actor Musician are very similar to that of a Performer:

  • Engage in public performances
  • Attend rehearsals for an upcoming performance
  • Create a positive experience for audiences
  • Work well in a team - you may need to collaborate with other Artists

The only difference between an Actor and an Actor Musician is that they will be more involved in the music of the production, making the piece of theatre come together both in performance and musically.

What qualifications do I need to be an Actor Musician?

This role would be ideal for someone who wants to take acting and singing further and have a love for performing and musicianship. Alternatively if you are skilled in one or the other it is a great opportunity to learn an additional skill that can open up further opportunities. 

  • Actor Musician course
  • Singing
  • Performance
  • Musical theatre
  • Drama

Search training opportunities in the areas above here. 

What skills do I need to be an Actor Musician?

  • Ability to sing and act
  • Punctuality
  • Resilience - you will have many auditions and you must be able to bounce back if you don’t get one and move on to the next

Read our blog 'How to deal with rejection' for tips on how to get past rejection from an audition or interview. 

What does a career as an Actor Musician look like?

The work of an Actor Musician is not always constant, however performing in one production may lead to another. You will go for many auditions which will be made easier if you secure  an Agent who will use their contacts and experience to help you get auditions. 

See our blog 'Do I need an Agent? How do I get an Agent?'

How much does an Actor Musician earn?

An Actor Musician will be paid differently for each role. There is no set salary for this role as it is dependent on how big the role, theatre and organisations are. 

You can also search The Stage Jobs for Actor Musician vacancies. 



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Published: 4 December 2019

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