With GCSE exams and A-Level exam season about to begin, it can be easy to feel overwhelmed and underprepared. Often, there's a lot of pressure put on these few months and this can lead to anxiety. It's important to remember that exams are not the be-all and end-all of your life. However, it can feel that way how. If you're seeking some reassurance, then look no further! We spoke to some industry professionals and asked for their top tips for getting through exam season.

Kelly Anne – she/her - Marketing Coordinator - Disney Theatrical Group, Events at Regal Theatre (Merlin Cinemas), Soviet Zion: The Musical

It is so important to emphasise that there is no one route to success - you are on your own path - life is so unpredictable, and it will happen when you least expect it. I highly recommend building your portfolio online, with a subject you’re most interested in and build experiences around it - reach out to people, there is nothing to lose!

Jak Malone – he/him - Actor - Operation Mincemeat

Exams can feel like an impending doom! But that shouldn’t be the case. I treated my exams like an opportunity to give myself a pat on the back for all of the shiny new knowledge I’d retained throughout my schooling. You’ll be surprised by how much you’ve remembered once you get there. Everyone learns in their own way and at their own pace. Any nugget of knowledge is an achievement! Go easy on yourself and celebrate a job well done!

Chris Leask – he/him - Actor - Peter Pan Goes Wrong, The Goes Wrong Show (BBC), The Comedy About A Bank Robbery.

All you can do is your best. Trust that you'll be able to give your best on the day. Remember; no matter what happens this chapter of your life does not define you or your journey.

Lloyd McDonagh – he/him - Actor - The Mind Mangler, The Tempest - Shakespeare's Globe, Ghost Stories.

Speaking as someone who wasn’t particularly fond of exam environments, I know EXACTLY how daunting these times can be.

The level of pressure that is on your mind and body isn’t a nice feeling and then the dread of having to pick up your results. Thoughts like “Did I work hard enough?”, “Should I have listened more?” and “Will I be okay?” constantly running through your head as you walk towards the exam hall.

The worst part of all this? Is getting yourself worked up.

At times, It may seem like everyone around you is miles ahead, excelling beyond belief and understanding everything without any issues but I guarantee, you’re not alone. I’d recommend checking in with your friends and making sure you’re all supporting each other, they might be just as worried as you are!

Sometimes it can feel like everyone around you is expecting superhuman results and a clean sweep of A*’s from you - but I promise you that no one puts more pressure on yourself than you do. The people around you want the best for you and want you to succeed in your chosen field. Think of them as your cheerleaders or ensemble!

Here are three things I want you to remember:

1.           Be prepared! (Read, write, sing, watch, listen - Give yourself the best chance at reaching your potential)

2.           Try your best. (It's all anyone or yourself can ask for and it is more than enough).

3.           Ease up and be kind to yourself. (You’re doing great – I promise.)

And at the end of the day, if it doesn’t go exactly how you planned it to, here’s some advice.

Pick yourself up, dust yourself off and try again. Put it down to ‘life experience’ - and that is GOLD DUST to an actor.

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(Image credit: (c), Michael Shelford, Adam Hill)

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