What does an Usher do?

An Usher is responsible for the customer service of the audience before, during and after a performance and is mostly situated within the auditorium.

What are the main responsibilities of a theatre Usher?

  • Greet audience members in the building
  • Sell refreshments and snacks during the interval
  • Sell programmes and other souvenirs
  • Check tickets and guide members of the audience to their seats
  • Settle seating disputes
  • Guide audience members to entrances, exits and toilets
  • Ensure audience are not using their phones or any other recording equipment during the performance
  • Communicate with Box Office and Front of House staff to ensure smooth running of the theatre
  • Manage the audience in emergency situations
  • Check for safety issues 

What qualifications do I need to be a theatre Usher?

Although there are not any specific qualifications you need for this role, here are some subjects that could be useful to have:

  • Drama/Theatre Studies
  • Maths
  • English

Search opportunities in front of house here. 

What skills do I need to be a theatre Usher?

These are the desirable skills you'll need to be a desirable candidate for an Usher role:

  • Excellent communication skills and customer service
  • Ability to take orders
  • Able to work as a team
  • Confidence settling disputes/ dealing with disruptive audience members
  • Be physically fit to climb up and down auditorium stairs

You can also search for Usher positions using The Stage Jobs website here. 

What does a career as an Usher look like?

You can gain a role as an Usher at entry level and either cross over to Front of House or Box Office roles. With more experience you can look at moving up to Senior or Supervisor Front of House, to Front of House Manager, to Relations Manager. Working as an Usher can also be a great job to have in between other theatre jobs. Read our blogs 'What do Front of House staff do?' and 'What does a Front of House Manager do?'

How much can a theatre Usher earn?

Pay for an Usher can be between £7.50 per hour - £15 per hour depending on the theatre and the duties you are expected to undertake.

Find theatre vacancies with The Stage Jobs here


Photo: Alex Brenner

Published: 23 May 2019

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