What theatre job suits me?

There are so many different jobs and career paths in theatre, which can be both really exciting and a little overwhelming when it comes to deciding which theatrical job is right for you. If you don’t want to be a Performer, it might not be obvious which theatre job would suit you and your skills, or which subjects you should study for a career in theatre.

You might assume that you have to be good at drama, but there are theatre jobs to suit people who have a range of different skills and interests, including art, science, business and many more.

You can use this helpful diagram from Official London Theatre, which acts as a theatre careers quiz to find the right job for you based on which subjects you like. Click here to open the diagram in full, or scroll down to read the text.

Which theatre job suits you?

If you like…

Arts and DT

Science and engineering

English and humanities

  • Box Office Staff provide show information to visitors and sell tickets
  • Directors decide how things should look, working with performers from rehearsals to final show

Business studies


  • Sound Operators work the sound effects and music used during the show
  • Music Directors lead the musicians and select the live music to play during the show


This is just a selection of the careers available in the industry, so if haven’t found a role that you think suits you, check out our complete list of jobs in the theatre industry for even more!

Find theatre vacancies with The Stage Jobs here

Published: 20 June 2022

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